USA School Lunch - BBQ Chicken and Rice

Country: USA

Contents: BBQ Chicken, white rice, an apple and chocolate milk

Source: ?

Notes: Looks pretty tasty and healthy. Would kids be more likely to eat the apple if it was sliced?


  1. Probably? People get lazy if fruit isn't cut up. Man, that's sad.

    Still, def a reasonably healthy meal. Add a serving of veggies and it'll be in the clear.

  2. I hated the cut apples in the cafeteria. They had to keep them in a salt water bath so they wouldn't brown. Blech. Whole apples for the win.

  3. On one hand, I would never eat the apples or oranges if they weren't cut because I was lazy. Also I don't like to eat apples whole if I didn't wash them myself.

    But like Kyushoku said, they turn brown and unappetizing. I remember not eating the fruit at my school because it was dry and brown.

    The best solution would be having a knife to cut it up yourself, but that's not going to happen in schools, obviously.

  4. I don't know what age group they are serving that to, but my first grader wouldn't touch the rice, might pick a couple bites off the piece of chicken and might take a couple bites of the apple. He would eat the whole apple if it was sliced, even if it was bathed in citrus or salt to keep it from browning. He would also eat the chicken if it were cut up into bite size pieces, but when the only utensil they are given is a spork... I'm pretty sure that even though this looks healthy to an adult, a grade schooler wouldn't get much nutrition from it.

  5. I think that whether a kid will eat a fruit sliced or whole is entirely dependent on how they were raised. I know that there are alot of kids that won't touch it if it's not sliced, but I know that when I was a kid I would have preferred the whole apple. The slices always seem to taste bland, plus they loose nutritional value faster if they are cut up. And that is particulary important at schools where they don't actually prepare the food, the apple could have been sliced up days or, depending on what bleach solution or preservatives the apple has been washed with, even weeks.


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