USA School Lunch - Mozzarella Sticks and French Fries

Country: USA

Contents: Mozzarella sticks, french fries, ketchup.


Notes: Seriously? This is a snack and an unhealthy one at that, not lunch.


  1. 7 french fries and 4 cheese sticks, that's considered a lunch???? i can't believe that they are serving this deep fried crap to our kids! one of many questions i have for them.....what do you think those extra open spots are for on the foam plate??? why not fill them up with something healthy?

    i have shown these pictures, among others from various school lunch blogs, to my 7 year old to see if he recognizes any of the meals from his school. luckily fo rme he said "no, those all look weird!". but then again, he only gets to eat "hot lunch" at school 1-2 times a week, the other days i send him with lunch from home!

  2. That would not meet requirements in the state of Indiana. There are certainly not a combination of 6 oz of fruits n veggies. Also at least in our school system, we are "offer vs serve" which means we provide 5 things and the kids have to choose 3, milk counts as 1, those cheese sticks MIGHT count as two if there is enough breading but I doubt it. We also can't MAKE them eat anything.
    One thing to note, just because they look fried, doesn't mean that they were prepared that way. We have no fryers, we bake everything. Not saying they didn't come from the manufacturer that fried, but if they would go through our kitchen, they wouldn't be fried.

  3. I have to agree with post #3. That lunch would not meet my states requirments. I am a child nutrition manager in a small city school and we DO NOT fry anything. We are also offer vs serve, we always have one meat, one bread, two fruits sometimes three and two veggies, plus milk. The kids can get one serving of each if they want, most don't but a few do we do this for the children who may not be getting anything else to eat that day and beleive me those children are out there!

  4. Slovakia sends huge FAIL to US...thanks

    1. There is no need for you to bash my country. Okay? Thanks.

  5. Schools that are in the suburbs and other states are lucky to get some real lunch. This is what politicians are doing for school lunches. I am a high school student in NYC and this is what we have to eat every single day. Of course, they have cold sandwiches. But most of the time, it is those cheeseburger with the processed meat and overcooked vegetables.
    Worst part of it all, they ALWAYS run out of food, leaving a number of us with nothing to eat.


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