USA School Lunch - Frozen Orange Juice

Country: USA (Washington DC)

Contents: Juice (frozen)


Notes: "Here you can see how my daughter has peeled the carton of orange juice open so she can dig into it with one of the plastic combination spoon/forks (sporks) that are always available in the cafeteria. After pounding away at the frozen mass, they eat it more like ice cream, then suck up any liquids with a straw."


  1. I remember that when I was elementary school. I always thought the lunch ladies were too lazy to put the orange juice in the fridge to thaw out, sometimes even the milk was frozen.

  2. At the school I attended for fourth through sixth grade, the cafeteria served OJ slushies that we all loved. They weren't terribly sweet either, but they were good.

  3. this doesn't look like a lunch meal...more of like a dessert


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