Japan School Lunch - Nishime and Koyadofu

Country: Japan

Contents: Nishime (vegetables boiled in water and soy sauce; lotus root, carrots, french beans), chikuwa, koyadofu, spinach steamed with bonito flakes, potatoes boiled in soy sauce and water, rice, oranges, a banana and tea.

Source: http://www.mrfergusonsclassroom.com/?p=273

Notes: I don't know why the holes in the lotus root freak me out, but they do. It certainly seems healthy.


  1. I'm seeing a pattern here. The Japanese school lunches are usually delicious looking (if a bit "exotic" to an American like me), and the American lunches are varying levels of CRAP (ranging from junk food I might want to eat every now and then, to stuff I wouldn't take one bite of).

    No wonder the Japanese have such long life expectancies while Americans are obese.

  2. lol ur right i want to go to japanese when i tern 18 that would be April 5 2:00 am i will tern 18 and i will movove to japan


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