France School Lunch - Guinea Fowl (Airline Food?)

Country: France

Contents: Guinea fowl, vegetables, salad, cheese, bread, desert and more


Notes: Anyone able to identify all the items? Good grief but this looks delicious. But, before you go assuming that all French school food is amazing and healthy, check out the other French lunches posted on What's for School Lunch?


  1. Am I the only skeptic? I don't believe this is a child's school lunch for a second, even in France. Perhaps it's a teacher's lunch in a private school, but I doubt even that. I wonder -- did you ask the author of the original article if she could verify that this was indeed a child's school lunch?

  2. this is a tray in business class - its aeroplane food !

  3. I read somewhere else about school lunches in France and you can Google "French School Lunches" and get the complete menu for several weeks from various cities, large and small. It's in French, of course, but you can get an idea that they do in fact feed their kids well. One also provided suggested complementary foods for the evening meal.

  4. I can see how it can be mistaken for airpane food, but it's not. I'd say it is a middle school or high-school lunch. It is very common to have trays like that, ou go through a line and pick plates that you like. The little plates and cutlery looks cheap, just like what I used to have in middle school or high-school, in France.

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  6. France we have junk food like fries 1 Time every Two week but most or the Time its like on the picture we have the choice between 2 différent stratchy 2 différente dish 2 différent dessert ,différent cheese one yogurt one fruits and 2 Cold lead

  7. For those who wonder what's on the pic, what I think: (from left to right and up and down)
    1st: rusk (biscotte ... I do not think this is bread), jam & cheese (young Cantal maybe?) OR not cheese but duck mousse / foie gras (the photo is too small!
    2nd: A kind of Landaise salad (with dried duck breast, crush (croûtons?) & salad
    3rd: Cherry clafoutis? Or custard pastry ("flan pâtissier") maybe?
    4th: Another salad?! With white asparagus, tomatoes, dried Duck breast (again!) And creamy sauce?
    5th: Broccoli, carrots, potatoes with (probably) roasted chicken or duck (again)
    It does not looks like a school lunch because you do not have two entries at the same time and/or with the same kind of meat (too much duck here!). But one school lunch could be 1 salad, cheese, bread, water, clafoutis, and this main dish


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