Japan School Lunch - Fish and Rice

Country: Japan

Contents: Fish, rice, cucumber salad, strawberries, miso soup, soy beans and milk.

Source: ?

Notes: Anyone want to give a little more detail as to the contents?


  1. Well the soup is essentially a vegetable miso soup. It looks like it has daikon, carrots, onions, and a kind of fried tofu (aburage). The 'salad' is probably something that's been pickled with something like rice wine vinegar. It has seawed and maybe grated daikon along with the cucumber.

    And actually that's probably just milk. I've never seen kids get something like that before in the lunches, but it could be common in other areas.

    Lastly the fish was probably broiled. And that little bag is soy beans I think.

  2. This is a light meal even though there's a lot of food.

  3. The soup and the cucumber salad look DELICIOUS!

  4. This is pretty typical Japanese school lunch, though the strawberries may be a little extravagant. I've been eating Japanese school lunch for years and I love it. I was so sad to see what some American kids have to eat.


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