UK School Lunch - Hamburger and Corn

Country: UK

Contents: Hamburger, corn, cucumber and pudding.

Source: Michael J.

Notes: What is that child eating? Is that some sort of... It is, it is a vegetable. There, proof positive, kids will eat them if they are provided. But perhaps the biggest lesson here is, hamburgers do not need to be served with French fries, they can be served separately.


  1. i never would have thought of serving a hamburger with corn and cucumber...but maybe that's why i'm fat.
    Delicious combination though.

  2. and yes, proof that children will eat vegetables if they are not only provided but are fresh and served in an easy to eat way. Not brown and dried out. I remember passing on the veggies and fruit on many school lunches because they were dry and brown or I couldn't be bothered to peel the orange.

    1. Do you mind me asking, but do you live in the USA?

  3. that still happens to me in school today..
    i pass on most of the fruit in my campus dining hall (apples, bananas, pears, and oranges usually). i can't eat apples and sometimes bananas due to allergy, and i take pears when they're not terrible terrible (unripe or overripe), and oranges only sometimes, because peeling takes effort lol.

  4. I agree, they definitely have to be presented in a manner appealing to kids. And Kris, I wouldn't have thought of that combo either.

  5. I'm liking how the UK schools choose real plates over disposable styrofoam.


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