Malaysia School Lunch - Fried Rice

Country: Malaysia (Homemade)

Contents: Fried rice with mushroom, eggs and meat, a pack of soya milk, cherry tomatoes and jelly.

Source: Henry C.

Notes: Henry informs me that they do indeed have school lunch in Malaysia, but he is not allowed to bring a camera to school. Thanks for sharing Henry, looks delicious.


  1. What on earth is the jelly for? And what kind of jelly is it, all colorless and clear?

  2. The jelly serves as desserts and it's lychee flavored. That's why it is colorless and clear.

  3. and it's jelly as in "jell-o" not as in jam.

  4. The jelly is a snack jelly- you sip it from the little plastic cups.
    I <3 fried rice!!!


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