USA School Lunch - Burrito and Kiwi

Country: USA

Contents: Burrito with cheese, sugar cookie, kiwi and chocolate milk.

Source: ?

Notes: Burrito looks like it probably tastes good, even if it isn't good for you, just like Taco Bell. Nice to see a whole kiwi. Wonder if that is common?


  1. Kiwi amazingly healthy, but who will eat a kiwi with a spork??? How would you even do that? I don't see kids doing that.

  2. You can scoop out the flesh like you would with a soft boiled egg. Or just eat the thing as it is (the skin is edible too)

  3. We had a kiwi side nearly every day at my High School. I had a friend who'd eat it every lunch. I'm allergic to it, so I wouldn't touch the stuff.


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