USA School Lunch - French Fries and Chips

Country: USA (Washington DC)

Contents: French fries, Sun Chips and strawberry milk.

Source: Thanks Ed!

Notes: Yep, that is some child's lunch.


  1. that is appalling ... I suppose the fries and ketchup count as the veg, the milk as the fruit and dairy and the chips as the grain? It's so sad that I'm at a loss for words.

  2. well, this post wins in the "Most Depressing of the Month" prize. groan...

  3. It should be pointed out that this child handpicked what they wanted to eat from a selection. It was the same at my school. If we had a choice of burrito, tortilla wrap or sweet and sour chicken over rice everyone chose the burrito. On the salad bar we had salad, dressings, vegetable cuts and maybe some pudding or something. Everyone loaded up on pudding. French fries or pear? French fries. Regular or chocolate milk? Chocolate.

    I remember watching an episode of Hell's Kitchen where the chefs had to create menus for a high school somewhere and would be graded on taste, appeal and how many kids liked it.
    Some chefs went the fancy way with endive and cilantro salad with a raspberry vinegrette served with toasted chèvre squares.
    Other chefs went with traditional stuff: grilled cheese sammiches and tomato soup.
    Guess which option the kids chose?

    On the one hand, parents should teach their children how to make the right dietary choices. On the other hand, schools should stop giving them the chance to make crappy choices.

  4. The schools should also be teaching kids how to make the right choices. Their excuse is that the kids won't buy the healthier stuff, so the cafeteria won't be self-sustaining. Limit their choices, especially for younger children. I could envision a teacher doing a nutrition lesson each day, just before lunch, helping the kids make a good choice.


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