UK School Lunch - Curry

Country: UK

Contents: Curry, and water.

Source: Thanks Michael J.

Notes: It also looks like the girl in the front of the photo is eating something different; perhaps a piece of bread.


  1. I find it interesting that all these kids in the UK can use real knives for every meal at school, while our US kids aren't even allowed a plastic knife to spread their butter for fear someone may get stabbed!

  2. I honestly can't understand why they don't allow knives or silverware in US schools. If a child is going to hurt another student, they are going to hurt another student. They may use their silverware, a pencil, their fists, their own weapon....There has never been a reported case of a child in the UK using silverware to attack another child. We also give them free range of scissors and compasses to draw circles. You can't deny your kids a basic skill 'just in case'.

  3. You guys don't have knives in your schools? How do you cut things when you eat :S

  4. I remember a kid stabing me with a plastic fork.

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