USA School Lunch - Turkey and Peas

Country: USA

Contents: Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, chowder(?), roll, peas, and milk.

Source: ?

Notes: This looks a lot like what I had as a kid. It really did taste pretty good. I can't tell, but that even looks like real turkey.


  1. I have fond memories of food like this.

    I was even the type of kid who liked TV dinners....

    P.S. any chance you could go into your Blogger settings and change it to "show full feed" for your RSS readers? Just a small request.. I subscribe to your feed, but it's another step/hassle for me to click on the link to see the image. I'd rather just see it in my reader & then comment as I feel like it (like now).

    Thanks in advance for thinking about it!

    (And it'd be easier to share to others on Google Reader as well.)

  2. looks pretty good, i'd eat it

  3. Our school cafeteria turkey growing up was pressed and formed and resliced...but still real turkey. Kind of like what they do to ham.


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