USA School Breakfast - Egg Burrito

Country: USA (Washington DC)

Contents: Egg burrito, chocolate milk, orange juice

Source: Thanks Bruske -

Notes: Some sort of scrambled egg with tomato salsa inside a giant flour tortilla. Note the double dose of sugar on the side, chocolate milk with orange juice.


  1. At least there's some protien. This actually looks like one of the better school breakfasts.

  2. i've never understood things like breakfast burrito, pizza, quesadilla etc. Even when I was a kid. Whatever happened to real breakfast food like cereal, eggs, sausage, toast, pancakes, waffles, fresh fruit. Now if those items are even included in breakfasts they're hidden in sugar laden excuses for cereal and burritos.

  3. I've actually come around to the breakfast burrito concept. A good one (i.e., homemade or from a small independent restaurant, not from McDonald's) with real eggs, cheese, vegetables and optional meat, can get you through to lunchtime and then some.

  4. There is a really good Mexican fast food place by my work, very authentic. They have great (though probably very unhealthy) breakfast burritos with potatoes, egg, cheese, and either bacon, ham or sausage. They are out of this world, and gigantic.

  5. Breakfast burritos, if done right can be incredibly nutritious. Eggs -> Good, Cheese -> Good, Peppers -> Good, Whole Wheat Tortilla -> Good, Beans -> Good... It's such a common misconception that they are bad for you.


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