USA School Lunch - Taquitos and Oreos

Country: USA (Stafford, VA)

Contents: 4 homemade chicken taquitos, oranges, bananas, chocolate sauce to dip the bananas in, and  Oreos.

Source: Thanks Nicole

Notes: To make the taquitos I use leftover rotisserie chicken, salsa, cumin, grated cheese. soften tortillas in a little hot oil, fill, roll and bake. Those look awesome, please mail me some.


  1. Mmmm taquitos. My mom always made taquitos with leftover roast beef. Baked until crispy with sour cream and quacamole to dip it in.

  2. I honestly don't think I've ever had home made taquitos, but now I really want them.

  3. seriously.. chocolate sauce for the bananas. let the kid eat them plain. u dont need added sugar

  4. I'm with Anonymous. The kid already has Oreos, whats he need chocolate sauce for? He's prob gonna dish the fruit and dip the Oreos in it anyway.


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