Czech Republic School Lunch - Spinach Soup

Country: Czech Republic

Contents: Spinach soup and pasta with cheese and ham.

Source: S.K.

Notes: "Lunch is always (in every school-primary, secondary, colleges) served on ceramic dishes and with metallic cutlery. There are very strict rules applied on nutritious content of the meals. That's heritage from our socialistic past; when a huge attention was payed on what kids are eating. Most of the kids eat at school canteens (it's convenient and cheaper for their parents). The lunch consists always of a soup and a main course. Then usually there is a sallet, or a fruit (whole piece, not cut) and/or a desert (the desert can be a chocolate bar, or flavoured sweet cheese or a cake). Main courses can be also sweet-for example pancakes or dumplings. In most of the canteens children can choose from at least two main courses (they should select it a few days earlier in the digital system so the ladies know how many meals approximately they should prepare). As for drinks, there is always tea and water with sweet syrup on tap and cacao if sweet buns are for lunch. The costs are donated by the state (I think it's a half of the total cost of one meal), children have to pay an amount according to their age. Children or parents pay for the lunches in advance, at an office or by a banking transfer. Current prices at one of the schools:

7 – 10 $1
11 – 14 $1.25
15 and more $1.50

Current average wage in the Czech Republic is about $1100 per month"


  1. So is that $1 a day for the food? In a month it'd be about 20 - 22 weekdays, or $22/month?

    That means if they are 15 or older, at $1.50 x 22 days = $33/month per kid which is 3% of their wages?

  2. I'm the source of the photo and information...

    I counted it again... (more accurately, with updated data)

    well, it's about 2 % of an average Czech wage... But as you surely know, average wage is quite vaque information, most of the people don't earn this money... So let's say, people usually earn about xy minus taxes and other payments (insurance and so on) then their money is about $630 per month. That means payment for their kid's lunches at school for one month makes approximately 3,75 % of their wage.

    1. Dear SK,

      I am leading a cultural exchange program of school food service directors to Eastern Europe in early April 2013. If you have a contact in the Czech Republic that can give us a lecture about the Czech school lunch program and a school tour and tasting, I would greatly appreciate it.
      Thanks, tonybagelman@cs.comm

  3. and in the CR is normal that both parents work... so then the cost of lunches for one month would be half of that 3,75 % = about 1,875 % of income of one family.

    I would be interested to know how much is one lunch in a school canteen in the US compared to an average income...

  4. And there is one important point missing, the parents payment is only for value of the ingredients, work, electricity, hire of the building is paid from local school bureau. And it is not much. It is very small ammount of money, actually. So, imagine, you have to build whole meal for so little money as ONE dollar or something like that.


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