USA School Lunch - Chili Dog and Fries

Country: USA

Contents: Chili dog with cheese, French fries, milk.

Source: ?

Notes: I like chili dogs, but yeesh. Also, I think this lack of variety is pretty typical. I'm fine with chili dogs every once in a while, but include some carrot sticks with it, or a side salad.


  1. LOL! Upper right of tray....there's a piece of gum...What kind is it?

  2. Why add vegetables that the kids will just throw away?

  3. Because not all children will throw them away. Believe it or not, there are still children in the world who grow up liking vegetables. All hope is not lost yet.

  4. After looking through a lot of posts on this page, I'm apalled by the lunches that are served in the US. A chili dog with cheese and french fries? Then add the chocolate milk and you have a fast food meal that won't sustain the child for very long. I remember when I was in elementary school (that was in Austria, so very similar to what they get in the Czech Republic) we always had soup and then vegetables or fruit with whatever was served. We could choose how much we wanted, but we had to have a tiny bit of veggie or fruit and eat it! I also remember hating pizza day, lol.

  5. This is probably a high school meal where the student had any number of veggie choices and decided to just have french fries.


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