Stinky Kids

Let's be honest, most kids don't shower after gym class, and that can lead to some pretty smelly kids. Furthermore, some kids may get to school before they realize that they didn't wear deodorant, and now they are stuck at school smelling like an old sock. This got me thinking about the idea of schools keeping something on hand for these situations. Perhaps trial sized deodorants, body sprays, or body wipes. QwikShower Wipes were nice enough to send me a sample of their body wipes, and I think they could be a great possibility. I skipped a shower yesterday, and used one of their wipes, and my wife never noticed. Or at least, she was kind enough to not say anything. What are your thoughts on this? I think it could save a lot of kids some teasing and embarrassment, not to mention the convenience of using a spray or a body wipe.

Also, if you want more information on QwikShower Wipes for your own kids, you can visit them online at The wipes are 1 for $1, 10 for $7, 50 for $29 and 100 for $49.

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