Norway School Lunch - Lasagna and Baby Carrots

Country: Norway

Contents: Leftover lasagna, baby carrots, small olives, and red grapes. I had a cup of tea with my lunch.

Source: Thanks Cindy!

Notes: I'm an American so my lunch isn't as typically Norwegian.

Cindy is a student teacher. As she is American, this is pretty typical of what an adult might bring to school or work. Looks tasty.


  1. My favorite part of this entry is that my 9yo daughter in the USA has the same lunchbox. Just having it has made me more conscious of what I put inside each compartment, and helps her see what serving sizes should really look like.

  2. Definitely not a typical norwegian school lunch..
    I've worked in a norwegian school for 12 years, and never seen a lunch like this ;-)


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